Alphabet Activities and Games: Increase Letter Recognition in Toddlers and Preschoolers

Hide and Seek

Purchase bath letters from any toy or retail store. Practice holding up the letters and having the child tell you the letter name. Pick one or two letters the child can recall after practice. Hide the letters while your child covers his eyes. Have him search for the missing letter. After he finds the letter have him hide it. While you are searching for it keeping repeating the letter name orally such as, “Where are you D?”

Glitter Names

Cut each of the letters of the child’s name out of pieces of construction paper. Have the child cover each letter with glue. Then have him sprinkle glitter onto the glue to make each letter sparkle. When the letters are dry tape them to his bedroom door. Verbally note each letter when you enter his bedroom.

Cereal Showdown

Cut out the name of the child’s favorite cereals from the front of the boxes. Put the cereal names into a pile. Name a letter and have him find a cereal title that has the letter in it. This is a fun game to play while eating breakfast.

Sand Writing

Fill a shallow plastic container halfway with play sand. Write a letter in the sand with your finger and have the child say the name of the letter while tracing it. Mess up the sand and then let the child write a letter. Put examples of letters on the table to assist him.

Magnet Letters

Buy inexpensive plastic magnet letters and place them in your refrigerator. While you are cooking talk about the beginning letter of the food you are preparing. Have the child point to the letter being discussed on the refrigerator.

Shaving Cream Writing

Spray shaving cream on a table and smooth out with your hands. Using your finger write the first letter of the child’s name in the shaving cream. Have him trace the shaving cream as he says the letter name. Then have the child write letters he may already recognize in the shaving cream for further reinforcement.

Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages have been around for a long time. Now, it is time to take advantage of coloring pages benefits for kids and adults. Take out your crayons and fall in love with these beautiful printable coloring pages for kids. This amazing activity can help your kids motor skills and prepare them for school.

Biggie-Troll-Coloring-Page-for-Kids – trolls coloring pages

Sponge Paint

Use kitchen scissors to cut letters out of household sponges. Dip them in washable paint and sponge them onto the sides of the tub before the child’s bath. Pretend you are bath detectives and find all of the paint letters. Use a washcloth to wash away each letter as you name it together.

Pasta Collage

Purchase alphabet shaped pasta at your local grocery store. Put a small pile of the pasta onto a plastic tablecloth and allow the child to choose and paint letters and then glue them to construction paper. Display the collage and point out the letters he has used.

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